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Welcome to My Women Tribe

Step into the full expression of who you were born to be!

Hi! Bianca here, founder of My Women Tribe.

Thank you for stopping by. 

I’m still in the process of building my site (I believe in progress over perfection…it’s a game changer for actually getting things done!) but while you’re here, read on to get a feel for what My Women Tribe is about and if it resonates with you.

If you already know what we’re about and are ready to connect, then go straight to signing up below.
Either way, I hope this feels like the right place place for you and that I’ll get to connect with you!

Wanting to join our tribe?

Awesome! We’d love to have you!

As time is precious and we really don’t want to waste yours, let’s make sure we’re the right fit for each other.

My Women Tribe is dedicated to personal growth for women entrepreneurs. We want to help you step into the full expression of who you were born to be!

My Women Tribe is for you if:

You recognize that your ongoing personal growth is vital for the success of your business.

You want a space in which you can find and be your authentic self.

You want to meet other women who can support and encourage you.

You want to build long lasting and honest connections rather than just attending impersonal network meetings.

You want to face and conquer the obstacles that keep you and your business from thriving.

You are committed to investing in yourself because you know that you are worth it!

You want to find a like minded community on your entrepreneurial journey.

You are tired of playing small and want to get more in touch with who you know you were born to be!

You are tired of feeling stuck and scared and feel ready to move forward and overcome the fears that are holding you back!

PS. My Women Tribe Circle Membership is going to be opening its doors for registration soon!

This is an incredible opportunity to make real and long lasting connections with other women like you, while at the same time, deep diving into the very themes that keep us playing small and hold us back from truly and really thriving! If you’re ready and are wanting to step into the full expression of who you were born to be, then this is definitely for you! Sign up below to be the first to receive more information when the doors open. In the mean time, keep stepping in and stepping up!

If that all resonates with you, then yay!

Sign up below to receive information about our upcoming networking meetings, events, guest speakers and more!

As we believe strongly in self care and the importance of that, we only send emails that we feel are necessary and do our best not to add more ‘noise’ to your already full life.

If you are tired of feeling like you’re doing this alone, then join us so that you can know and feel that you’re not alone!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Step into your full expression today!